And lead us not into temptation “, the phrase that closes Our Father, ” is not a good translation “: so formulated, seems to imply that it is God who pushes man towards temptation.

With this observation, Pope Francis anticipates what will happen in 2019 with the introduction of the new Missal.

This phrase of Our Father’s message will in fact be changed to “and let us not be tempted”.

In France the new translation,”Ne nous laisse pas entrer en tentation” – “Do not let us enter into temptation”, instead of ” lead us not into temptation “, is already used in public celebrations since last December.

With the modification of the Missal, what has already been reported by the scholars and which the last official translation of the Bible had already foreseen, is in fact understood. This is certainly not an easy, very long and demanding task. Work on the latest revision started in 2004 and is still ongoing.

The operation becomes necessary, because language and culture change, and it is necessary to adapt. Careful work is needed to update and deepen the language without distorting the original message.

The translation must respect the original Latin text and be comprehensible to the faithful. For the language of the liturgy this is a particularly complex operation, so much so that often even the best translations cannot immediately render the meaning and meaning of the message.

This is dealt with by the Italian Episcopal Conference, through the bishops, the expert members of the National Liturgical Office and involves about thirty specialists including theologians, pastors and linguists.

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