Our editing solutions will provide the appropriate translations for your target audience. We will always be able to perform a thorough review, starting with the original, even when the location of the texts is produced by third parties.

Our Proofreading solutions, carried out by highly qualified native speakers, provides a simple and convenient solution for tackling the problem of texts revision, in any language.
We handle manuscripts and drafts to be published in Italian and other languages; Web sites; manuals; labels of products for export and all the texts that require a cultural adaptation to a specific language variant.

Our interpreting services to all public events of an international nature, will guarantee the success you seek. We can provide, separately, interpreters and interpreter booth.

Most of the modern media, is all about visual communication and entertainment. We can help you edit most of your audio and video files, e-learning, mobile apps and video games.

Tra le soluzioni che offriamo ai nostri clienti, c’è il servizio di trascrizione, traduzione e battitura di testi in tutte le lingue. Questo permette alle imprese ai privati di esternalizzare un servizio, risparmiando tempo e ottenendo un prezzo conveniente un prodotto di qualità e ben curato nei dettagli.

In addition to translation services, we can carry out chamber and cadastral surveys to be translated and legalized abroad. We also search for international documents to be legalized in Italy.

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