Unfortunately, Italians have the bad habit of taking for granted some aspects of their own language, ignoring that the words most commonly used today have an ancient and noble history.

Italian is the most beautiful language in the world, according to many, and it is appreciated by foreigners for its musicality, harmony and sweetness that recalls the excellence for which our country is known: history, culture, food and fashion.

Today Italian is the fourth most studied foreign language on the planet, after English, Spanish and Chinese, and before French and German.

Among foreigners, the most Italophone country is Albania, where knowledge of the Italian language has spread over time, in every social stratum, through television.

The first country in the world for number of Italian students is Germany, followed in Europe by France. In the Mediterranean, the countries in which Italian is most studied are Egypt and Tunisia, where our language is taught as a third optional language, after French, which is considered a national language, and English. Among the English-speaking countries, the United States has Italian as the fourth most studied foreign language and in Australia Italian is even the second most studied.

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